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Opening The Conversation Around Failed Projects

By Patrick Fuller | August 16,2017
Profitable project management has never been easy. Whether it be tracking down resources, keeping tabs on all the moving pieces of multiple projects, or manually collecting data that (literally)... Read More

Why Spreadsheets Don’t Manage Profitable Projects

By Patrick Fuller | August 11,2017
A lot of professional services companies and project teams use spreadsheets to manage their projects. And quite frankly, these teams are not operating at full capacity, simply because spreadsheets... Read More

3 Ways Professional Services Automation Software Can Step Up Your Project Game

By Patrick Fuller | August 04,2017

We hear pretty often from project leaders who only use manual methods to manage projects and business growth that they feel more like circus ring leaders than professional services leaders. Their...

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A Deep Dive Into Our Newest Features

By Ashley Incardone | July 28,2017

A few weeks ago we released a massive amount of new functionality into the ForeIQ platform, and while we briefly dipped our feet into some of the features on a previous blog, we never took a deep...

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Testing the Fit Between Your Technology and Your Team

By Patrick Fuller | July 21,2017

If you're a professional services leader, you are regularly worried about other companies grabbing your slice of the client and/or resources pie. Over 25% of the management consulting industry...

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5 Steps to Establishing an Agile Project Team

By Chris Covey | July 14,2017

As you surely know by now, the term “agile” started becoming en vogue in the context of agile development, and refers to a newer method of software development that has been used in lieu of...

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