Current State of Tech in the Professional Services Industry

Current State of Tech in the Professional Services Industry

Did you know that almost ¾ of the consulting industry has adopted some form of technology? Whether that be basic spreadsheets or fully-developed professional services automation software, the digital era is among the professional services industry. So the remaining ¼ of the industry who hasn’t adopted yet won’t stay in the dark for long, with 55% of software shoppers each day being first time users. This means that pretty soon every single consulting firm will move away from the traditional styles of tracking resources and projects, and towards the world of automation.

And it’s a good thing too, considering all the benefits that come along with the adoption of tech. In fact:

  • Consulting companies who use the right technologies are known to have “more agile business processes, well-connected departments, improved collaboration, stronger analytical capabilities and better insight for more accurate reporting that simply puts them out in front.”
  • Studies show team communication, quality of final product, number of projects completed on budget and on time, and customer satisfaction are all significantly improved by the right software.
  • And just over 83% of organizations who use tech are able to assess potential revenue before accepting or approving projects, giving them an upper-hand on those who don’t. Which explains why just under 90% of companies listed as “best-in-class” use some form of software.

Sound too good to be true? Well only slightly!

99% of the time you can get all these benefits from the right tool – and more. But the emphasis here is on the right tool. For example, not all tools are built the same, so it can be easy to purchase a popular tool that isn’t right for your team and just end up wasting money and time.

Save yourself the hassle of hopping from one tool to another.

Download our newest eBook, “The Current State of Tech In The Professional Services Industry”, to discover how to identify top-tier tools, what it takes for a project team to adopt new tech, as well as the top types of tech in the industry and the pros and cons of each one.

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